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I have been involved with breeding, flying and competing in kit competition since 1979.  I won my first kit competition series in 1980 as part of the Northern California Roller Club (NCRC).  One of my oldest best friends ever, also a pigeon guy, is Joe Urbon of Yuba City.  Joe and I have counsin lines that we have worked to develop over the past 20 years or so.  Joe has been on a break from the birds but I hope that he'll be back in the next couple of years.  I should be able to get him going on some fine stock birds when that day comes.

I have gone a long way since I first started in 1977, getting culls from various fanciers and trying to make them better.  Raising rollers has a lot to due with experience and at the very least paying attention to detail.  If you don't learn from mistakes you make and don't pay attention to how your birds perform you probably won't be able to move forward with your birds.

The family of rollers I have now I developed since 1990 from a blend of OD Harris, Paul Bradford with a little Norm Reed.  I started with only a handful of related pigeons to get what I have today.  The black pigeon to the left is #82, what I call my foundation hen to this family.  Everything goes back to her.

Unlike many guys who have developed lines off prominent cock birds I developed my line off  prominent hens.  I believe that hens are naturally more dominent in a breeding loft and easier to develop a line from.  The foundation cocks come after the hen line is well established in my experience.   

I have developed some incredible friends through this hobby/sport.  I owe my recent restart to my good friends; Dale, Russ, Cesar and let's not forget my old friend John for delivering them to me.  These fanciers did a fantastic job setting me up for the future and I anticipate that I will probably not miss a beat from my prior year in 2007.  I got 3 proven birds back that are still productive, and the rest are directly off my best current breeders before I got out in late 2007.  After 6 seasons away a lot of things can happen to our valuable birds, simple illnesses can kill them and upon getting them back many of my oldest stock did infact get sick and died here at my new loft.  The stress of long travel can do this.  I feel content that they died in my own loft and and thankful of this.

I am anticipating what will transpire in the near future and how these birds will produdce this season.  I will be doing some swapped matings and plan to only breed around 40 to 50 birds for 2014.  I will have a normal breeding season in 2015 with at least 10 pairs.

I would enjoy hearing from you if you have questions etc.... Contact me here

Best of luck to you all in the 2014 season...


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